EDIT 2021

After the 6 year long hiatus, with much anticipation, I am back and ready to bake.

I'm Eve and a uni student that was obsessed with cookery shows during my formative years, what a surprise I ended up making a blog at the age of 13.

Back as Sculpted Buns.
Previously Nourish with Happiness
Previously Baking the Day
Previously Ideally Sweet 

Can you tell I am indecisive? 

EDIT 2016

*This blog was originally Baking the Day but as of January 2016, it has become Nourish with Happiness*

Welcome to Nourish with Happiness.

I'm Eve and I am a typical teen with a passion for health, as well as being a self-confessed francophile. 

Nourish with Happiness is a place where I share my recipes and photography as well as travel experiences from around the globe.

I try to be adventurous and try new ideas, even if it does end up as a complete disaster. 

I am also extremely interested in health and diet and even though the majority of the recipe on this blog aren't exactly healthy, they are a fair bit healthier that recipes from other sources. I live a wholefood plant-based lifestyle and I will always choose broccoli over chips. Any day.

Thanks again! 

Eve x 


  1. Hey, nice blog! (wish mine was looking this good...). For some reason sponges make me feel sick so I'll be sure to try out some other stuff next time I'm baking!

    1. Thanks MadHarris, I hope you enjoyed the recipes. Hopefully this sponge won't make you feel sick!


  2. Love the blog, do you do all the design and photograpy ? Any chance of a few free samples?

    1. Yes, I take all of the photos on a Canon eos 500d dslr camera. The design, well, I have just started using backing boards for the background of my bakes.

      I am sure I could bring a couple off samples if we come and see you soon!!! :)


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    1. Hi Eve, my name is Helen and I am going to Strathyre in december and wondered if you were able to do a tray bake (undecided which one ) for 8 adults and 4 hungry children. I can pick it up on my way there. from, jockfromfalkirk@yahoo.co.uk Many thanks. You are so VERY talented and I am very impressed with what I see !!

  5. Hi Evie, I love your webpage and all your recipes. I'll try some of them out soon. See you soon and hope to try your food when I see you again.

    Love Aunt Aine, Belfast


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