Coconut and raspberry cake VG

I forgot that the combination of coconut and raspberry is actually pretty tasty. Thinking of the two flavours together, the main words that pop into my head are kitsch, retro, garish. Think off-yellow square tiles with muddy grouting and jelly molds. However, such flavours needn't be tainted with such drab association - the harmonious relationship of coconut and raspberry can be brought back to the 21st century.

One of the main objectives about creating such a cake was that it was not overly sweet or artificial tasting. I think this is where my retro fears stem from; such coconut and raspberry items usually rely heavily on the synthetic fruit of one's labour. Therefore, I have very much strayed away from this path. Dessicated coconut adds a light tropical note as well as a little bit of chew to the soft crumb of the cake, studded with ruby red frozen raspberries which transform into jammy pockets upon baking. To emphasise these flavours even more, I made a quick raspberry syrup/ coulis which I liberally drenched the cakes in before layering and topping with a coconut cream buttercream. 

Even after a few days in the fridge, the flavour of the cake just continues to improve, I am a convert.