Kanelbullar med kardemumma

Cinnamon rolls are always of the utmost request in our house and I'm pretty happy with that with their soft dough and addictive cinnamony buttery goodness of a filling. Typically I make them in the "americanised" shape of a simple swirly bun, amalgamating together in the oven to form a moreish heavenly pillow.

Sometimes I like to go down the more traditional path; adding some heady cardamon and putting a bit more care and attention into their shape into an intricate pattern, straight out of a scandi bakery.

Start with the dough; mix together 300g strong white flour(if there is a time to only use white flour and not a mixture of wholewheat and white, the time is now. You'll regret otherwise.), a teaspoon of salt and 40g caster sugar. Add slightly warm 200ml of mylk mixed with a sachet of yeast. Knead for a solid 10 minutes (I recommend Thunder Road by Brucey and Walk of Life by Dire Straits for perfect timing). It's a 60% hydration, try not to add any additional flour. Prove for preferably over an hour and a half but one hour will suffice.
For the filling, beat together 50g flora or alternative, 20g golden syrup, 50g soft brown sugar, 1 tsp. cinnamon, a generous pinch of salt and the bashed seeds of 7 cardamom pods (feel free to add more or less depending.)
Roll out the dough and spread on the mixture. Fold over into thirds, like a letter and roll out a little more. Either using a pizza cutter or a nice sharp knife, slice the dough into 2cm strips. Attempt to fashion into something stylish and not just a mush of dough and filling and place onto a lined baking tray. Cover and prove again for a while, ideally with a damp tea towel teepee situation to give enough moisture. Make sure the room isn't too warm as we don't want the filling to melt. Bake at 190°c fan for 18-20 mins; you want luscious golden to rich amber, no more no less. Dust with icing sugar either mixed with more spices or just in it's pure form. Not glacĂ© icing, not.