Dark chocolate, toasted oat and walnut muffins with a bit of streusel action VG

Seeing friends? Bring them cake. I wanted a caramelised tone to these muffins so I used golden syrup and brown sugar to sweeten them as well as toasted oats to add some flavour dimension and texture. Chocolate never goes a miss and I love the earthiness of walnuts in cakes. Topped with some oat streusel, we are on to a winner. 

The recipe follows a basic vegan cake/ muffin formula - 1 part fat, 2 parts sweetness, 2 parts liquid and 2.5 parts flours. Don't be afraid of baking powder/soda in vegan baking, it adds the lift without the use of eggs. Use these principles to make any flavour. Bake until done (that's as good as my guidance gets) and enjoy.

60ml plain flavoured oil, I used rapeseed 

60g golden syrup  

60g light brown sugar  

120ml mylk 

2 tsp. apple cider vinegar 

140g plain flour + 40g toasted oats  

pinch of salt  

handful of dark chocolate  

handful of walnut pieces 

streusel topping - make a crumble topping and add oats

Bake for 180°c for 24 minutes until golden.