Brioche Feuilletée

From 30/07/2020

Last September, a few weeks before heading back to uni, my family and I visited some friends. They had recently sold up in London and moved out to France to the Charente departement. They reside in a beautiful village, sleepy and small. We visited many of the local towns and one day we visited Verteuil, nestled on a river with a stunning Castle acting as a guardian to this village. Le Moulin de Verteuil sits underneath the grand castle, surrounded by flowers. Here is the ancient flour mill where the local wheat is ground, using the river to power the archaic machinery. Using their fresh flour, the little cafe at the mill makes a beautiful brioche loaf. My family ooh-ed and ahh-ed over the delicacy but alas I couldn't have any! Only now have I gotten round to recreating the brioche; after some research and pulling together different recipes and techniques, we might be onto a winner that I can finally enjoy.

n.b brioche is an egg-enriched dough and I'm vegan...however we do have a chicken that lays eggs...I've taken this opportunity to be grateful for little Omelette and the eggs she lays by making and enjoying this brioche. It is dairy-free however.

Brioche Feuilletée - think brioche that is having an identity crisis and wants to be a croissant. A laminated dough with butter and sugar but has a lightness about it.

I used 3/5 of the quantities stated, used dairy free spread (flora buttery but if you can get your hands on it, use a higher fat percentage "butter block", 3 eggs from the glorious Omelette, used pearl sugar (homemade) instead of brown sugar, baked into a loaf.