Berry brown sugar streuselkuchen VG


Being home for a few days it would be rude not to bake and to Beth's request, a mixed berry crumb cake was born. Finding berries in the freezer was a definite bonus and unlike how i usually do; I took the berries out of the freezer for about an hour before using, dying the batter a pale pink hue.

The crumb consists of dairy free spread, brown sugar, plain flour and some toasted oats for a bit more flavour and texture.Having a vegan cake, most aren't that sturdy and especially this one as for fat I used melted dairy free spread rather than oil i wanted a richer and more moreish flavour and crumb. Because of this, I used less berries as i was being tentative but next time I would definitely up the amount.This cake is the sound of a quaint coffee shop with rain thudding against the pavement on a thursday afternoon in November.